This not a paid link. Trading Musician has long been the music store of choice for the Dick Twang Band.

This not a paid link. Trading Musician has long been the music store of choice for the Dick Twang Band.


and the death of napster

Dick Twang Band was one of the first artists to lodge complaints against the original Napster and the file sharing process. After the final death of the original napster brand in the early 2000's and after several years before the courts, Dick Twang Band, was awarded a small settlement (that recognized Napster's copyright infringement and a loss of >400K file-shares) from the class action lawsuit against Napster's Chapter 11 bankruptcy, having been represented in the suit along with 24 other artists and the claimant, The Recording Industry of America.



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“Thank you so much!! I downloaded the mp3s. I even went ahead and purchased "Cycle of Abuse" and added it to the hits. You will be added right next to Tom Waits in a playlist that all my friends refer to as "turn that shit off". Now to remove the sd card from my welfare phone to transfer the songs from my computer so I can listen to them in my old POS Buick via the earphone jack and a cassette tape converter. LIFE IS GOOD!”

- MUNKS, facebook, social media (Dec 17, 2017)

“Greg W. -facebook- I first discovered the joys of your fuckin awesome band when I did a 6 week/5000 mile tour of Canada tw years ago...Someone left a copy of your cds in the hirecar I picked up in Edmonton....Needless to say, as canuck radio is pretty poor....blah blah blah....If you ever need a shit-hot triangle banger give me a shout!!...You fuckin rock....Or folk...Or country...Or whatever the fuck it is!??”

- Greg W., social media (Aug 06, 2017)

“The, "Not Too Pretty Bad Album", is a timeless classic that never gets old. It's just like oatmeal, I can listen to it every day :)”

- Alan S., social media (Jan 27, 2017)

“We found your CD by accident, left in someone's car, and were so surprised and confused by it that we loved it instantly. I like it more as time goes by. You gave me a phrase I use once a week: " I'm so hungover, I need a hot dog."”

- James O', facebook/twitter (May 26, 2016)

“I love Old Blue Car! YDKD is one of the greatest concept albums of all time. My mother was given this CD by a friend and she HATED it! She gave it to me and I was stunned the first time I listened to it. I've played this for all my artsy fartsy liberal friends and they love it too. I hope all of you are doing really well. thank you for making this music." Robert P. (social media)”

- Robert P., facebook/twitter (Feb 20, 2016)

“we took a listen to this one in the office today and everyone here just loves it. We hear a lot of music around here and there isn't much that cuts through the din like your stuff did. It will go down as one of the best records we've produced all year.... Good luck - Lauren ”

- Mr. Lauren C. Sheil-Artist Rep-Indie Pool Inc., Indie Pool Inc. (Oct 02, 2009)

“Customer Reviews: Dick Twang's 100%- Dick Twang strikes me as being not politically correct. Having toured the B.C. interior and Western Alberta my overwhelming feeling is that this album hits the note between bang-on satire and "oh my god I'm going to hell for listening to this". I've dubbed this onto cassette tape and am listening to it non-stop in my car for the authentic feel. Definitely not for kids but worth a listen for the open-minded music fan. I'll recommend buying this whole album but if you can only afford one track, make it my "old blue car". Just like sitting in on a jam at a smoky small town bar. ”

- '94 Crown Vic, reviews from iTunes

“ If you like Tube Steaks at a Picnic you'll love Dick. The country musicians of Portland,OR have taken to Dick like mustard on a wiener. Haven't heard a band having so much fun since the Holy Modal Rounder's ran over Baby Gramps with their blue car. The music from a party going on in a wooden cabin somewhere in the outskirts of Calgary. This time the calvary ain't comin' to save whitey from the Indians musical charms. Even if they tried they'd be Twangafied.”


“The Dick Twang Band is the Johnny Cash of Canada. These guys are the real deal. They're second album is an instant classic and reminds me of of the Beatles White Album if it as recorded in Brocket. Dick Twang and the Boyz really hold their own. Lenny Red-Nuts, Johnny Shoppingcart, and myself Charles Kang are big fans. Do yourself a favor and pick up their cds today.”

- Chul Su, kangmedia


some FEEDBACK from CD Baby over the years ....

good tunes !!!
Reviewer: rig pig 
good to see some boys playin' some real country about everyday life none of the big city bull 

Reviewer: Whiteline Willy & Annie Trannie 
A true side of Canadian satire EH!! We laughed till we had to have another Blue!! Keep up the good work boyz. Would love to see you live in concert at the next powwow or something, anyways!! Cheers 

you a buncha sick mothafufuckas 
Reviewer: you mama 
there's a few losers on it, but the winners are so good that I could just shit-- 

This album rocks 
Reviewer: Floyd Seniantha 
Well what can i say that this CD is some great new musical version of the late Brocket radio? I thought this is some awesome stuff, keep it coming boyzzzzz.... 

This is really cool !! WFMU showcases 101 covers of Stairway To Heaven including ours

This is really cool !! WFMU showcases 101 covers of Stairway To Heaven including ours