A fictional musical comedy recording act whose characters are one whitey guy, and three native fellas, two brothers and a cousin. Think of a grownup dysfunctional and drunk partridge family. Their recording career began in 1991 when Elvis Manywounds began crank calling the local radio station. Some of these hilarious phone calls were taped, and became the inspiration for many songs, such as Elvis At The Dawson and the smashed hit "Old Blue Car". The characters in this act are Elvis Manywounds, and his partners in SONG; Dick Twang, H2O, and Jos. One Blue Eye, and their imaginary manager Brian Anger...

     Tracks of the Dick Twang Band are mostly dealing with or singing about substance/other types of abuse by the members of the band on a daily basis; and other dark themes. The comedy music originated decades ago in Pouce Coupe, B.C. Canada. The  Dick Twang fictional "Band" has recorded all of it's tracks in studios near the home base in Seattle, WA. The first recording, "100% Dick Twang" was way back in 1992 and recorded on a Fostex 4 track cassette recorder at the Blue Haze Studios in Pouce. It was released only by Dick himself on cassettes. -Back in those ancient times before CD's and the internet, 100% Dick Twang gained many fans as dubs of his cassettes were spread and shared by touring musicians rapidly throughout Canada and the U.S.A. 
      This genre-bending comedy music has continued to win generations of new fans ever since, due to catchy melodies, tongue in cheek musicianship and controversial lyrics. With the arrival of the internet, fans found a new avenue to share their favorite music, and so the hilarious songs and spoofs of the Dick Twang Band quickly became some of the most popular file shares. Over 440,000 were recognized, by the now famous class action lawsuit against the original napster. In 2001 Dick Twang's "Old Blue Car" topped the mp3.com comedy charts. By 2005 the Dick Twang Band had recorded and released a follow up album, "You Don't Know Dick". Their song "Voodoo Indian" from this album was included in the soundtrack of the extreme film Black Sprockett, and was later covered by Seattle's Hot Roddin' Romeos. The songs "Trailer Trash Whore" and "Old Blue Car (redux)" from that album can be found on Spotify, iMusic and youtube. The song "Dry Meat" from that album was later covered by the famous Green Jello and can still be seen on you tube. In 2009 Dick Twang Band recorded and released their 3rd album. "Not Too Pretty Bad". The title track from that album was featured in the soundtrack of the 2011 extreme lifestyle film "Revival" . The album features the last recorded appearance of Canadian comedian and radio personality Ernie Scar, who appears in cameos throughout the album. 

 In 2015 DTB released the album "Just The $Hits"; their ten most popular tracks, as the band's first ever VINYL LP record. It was cut in transparent vinyl by IndiePool/Vinylizer of Canada, but production has been halted forever and only a few copies of these vinyl records remain. The album is on iTunes/Spotify/iMusic and had a limited run CD version.

Re-issue Cassettes and USB's of these classic recordings will be coming on the market soon.

     The DT "Band" has performed live with various performers; not once but twice, one time in Canada and once in the U.S.A.

*The Dick Twang  "band" does not actually exist, and is for entertainment purposes only. 

The characters portrayed in these recordings are imaginary, and any resemblance to any person either living or dead,

is purely coincidental.*

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the fine print

The Dick Twang Band is original music comedy. It is meant for adult entertainment purposes only and any resemblance between the characters in the Dick Twang Band to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The original material is not influenced by anything other than the imaginations of and observations made by the writers.


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