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Tracks: Classifieds, Elvis At The Dawson, Elvis Speaks, Old Blue Car, Horace Speaks, How Pissed Off Am I, Pissed Off Polka, Lysol Rap, Seymour *UH* Speaks, Pouce Coupe Woman, Dick Speaks, Screaming In The Pits Of Hell, Beer Song, Encore for Elvis/Suspicious Trapline (c) 1992-2014 Dick Twang Band

Tracks: Suspicious Trapline, Horace Calls Elvis, Dry Meat, Dip It In Margarine, Alcohol Lake, Trailer Trash Whore, Horace Speaks, I Own 1/264th Of A Casino, Trans Gender Indian, Dick Speaks, Tennessee Stairway To Heaven (On The Bayou), Welfare Song, Beer Can, Radio Montage, Spank-Walk, Elvis Speaks, Voodoo Indian, Elvis Speaks Again, Cycle Of Abuse, (Bonus Track) Old Blue Car-film edit. (c) 2005-2014 Dick Twang Band

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Tracks: 7-24, Pakistani Trucker, L.A. Indio, The Songwriters, Lysol Face, Jesus Is For Whitey, Velvet Elvis, Indian Idol, Fur Alice, Squaws Along The Yukon, Back In Ancient Times, Boil Da Dog, It's All Whitey's Fault, Post Modern Elvis Meets A Hooker, Not Too Pretty Bad (c)(p) 2009,2010,2015 Dick Twang Band all rights reserved ***

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good tunes
Reviewer: rig pig
good to see some boys playin some real country about everyday life none of the big city bull

Holy smokies I canna believe it!!
Reviewer: Robert P. (twitter/facebook)
I love Old Blue Car! YDKD is one of the greatest concept albums of all time. My mother was given this CD by a friend and she HATED it! She gave it to me and I was stunned the first time I listened to it. I've played this for all my artsy fartsy liberal friends and they love it too. I hope all of you are doing really well. thank you for making this music
span class="lighter">Reviewer: Whiteline Willy & Annie Trannie
A true side of Canadian satire EH!! We laughed till we had to have another Blue!! Keep up the good work boyz. Would love to see you live in concert at the next powwow or something, anyways!! Cheers

you a buncha sick mothafufuckas
Reviewer: you mama
there's a few losers on it, but the winners are so good that I could just shit--

This album rocks
Reviewer: Floyd Seniantha
Well what can i say that this CD is some great new musical version of the late Brocket radio? I thought this is some awesome stuff, keep it coming boyzzzzz....

Tube steaks at a picnic
Reviewer: bazza @ BOBBiN SHOP RECORDiNGS
If you like tube steaks at a picnic you'll love Dick. The country musicians of Portland,OR have taken to Dick like mustard on a wiener. Haven't heard a band having so much fun since the Holy Modal Rounder's ran over Baby Gramps with their blue car. The music from a party going on in a wooden cabin somewhere in the outskirts of Calgary. This time the calvary ain't comin' to save whitey from the Indians musical charms. Even if they tried they'd be Twangafied.

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This is really cool. WFMU Blog features 101 Bands covering Stairway To Heaven. Hear Dick Twang's version of it- "Tennessee Stairway To Heaven (On The Bayou)"...Hilarious!

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Dick Twang Band was one of the first artists to lodge complaints against the original Napster and the file sharing process and was awarded a small settlement (For the loss of 400,000 file-shares) from the classaction lawsuit against their Chapter 11 bankruptcy, along with the Recording Industry of America.

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Disclaimer: The Dick Twang Band is original musical comedy. It is meant for

entertainment purposes only and any resemblance between the characters in

the Dick Twang Band to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

The original material is not influenced by anything other than the

imaginations of and observations made by the writers.

Copyright (c) 1991-2018 Dick Twang Band (SOCAN) (ASCAP) (BMI)

updated 11/03/2018

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